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摘要:1--25句为首段描述数据1 就长度而言,中国的地铁笑傲群雄。--首段描述数据As far as the length is concerned, With regard to

1. 就长度而言,中国的地铁笑傲群雄。--首段描述数据
As far as the length is concerned,/With regard to the length,/In terms of the length,/Speaking of the length,/Talking of the length, China’s subway is second to none./eclipses others’./overshadows others’.
2. 前者占45%,而后者占55%。--首段描述数据
The former occupies 45%, while the latter accounts for 55%.
The figure witnessed a sharp increase from 2010 to 2014 and reached its peak at 7000 in 2015.
Swimming is obviously the most prevailing one among all sports activities.
Overall, the Internet is more popular than TV.
Nothing can be compared with the Internet in the speed of acquiring information.
7. 到2015年,该数字坠入谷底至500。--首段描述数据
The figure reached its bottom at 500 in the year of 2015.
8. 前者是后者的四倍。--首段描述数据
The former is four times as big as the latter.
9. 与之相比,男孩儿似乎更愿意在未来从事管理类工作。--首段描述数据
Compared with it, boys seem to be more willing to do managerial jobs in the future.
10. 从2009到2013,该数字急剧下降。--首段描述数据
The figure plunged between 2009 and 2013.
11. 从2010到2015,该数字起伏不定。--首段描述数据
The figure experienced a fluctuation over the period from 2010 to 2015.
12. 从2012到2015,该数字几乎保持未变。--首段描述数据
The figure almost stabilized from 2012 to 2015.
13. 该表格清楚地展示了:人们对工作的态度因人而异。--首段描述数据
It can be seen clearly from the table that people’s views on working vary greatly from person to person.
14. 从柱状图中,我们可以清楚地看出:人们接受教育的方式发生了一种翻天覆地的变化。--首段描述数据
What is presently vividly in the bar chart is that the way people received education experienced an earth-shaking change.
15. 从2010到2015,坐地铁的人数上升了30%。--首段描述数据
The number of people taking undergrounds increased by 30% from 2010 to 2015.
16. 与发展中国家相比,发达国家消耗更多能源。--首段描述数据
Compared with developing countries, developed countries consume more energy.
17. 该表格提供了有关中国研究生入学率的数据。--首段描述数据
The table provides the data regarding the enrollment rate of Chinese postgraduates.
18. 从2005年到2015年,中国出国旅游的人数增长了3倍。--首段描述数据
From 2005 to 2015, the number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad tripled.
The table demonstrates the features of public transportation systems in 6 cities.
20. 该数字从2010年的40%降到2014年的20%,然后形势逆转,2015年达到了60%。--首段描述数据
The figure fell from 40% in 2010 to 20% in 2014, and then the trend reversed, finishing at 60% in 2015.
21. 此数字是去年的5倍。--首段描述数据
The number is 5 times as much as that of last year.
What boys like to do most is to become managers (40%) and the second largest group is to be businessmen (30%).
The chart reflects several trends.
This bar chart displays the numbers of fuel’s prices.
As is shown in the curve graph, there has been a rapid increase in the aging population all over the world in the past five years.
To start with, advertisements help companies sell their products like hot cake.
Furthermore, pressure also has something to do with cut-throat competition.
Last of all, people in cities can usually receive better education.
29. 首先,通过网络获取信息往往效率更高。--第二段分析原因
Initially, acquiring information through the Internet is often more efficient.
30. 此外,在水短缺和过度工业化之间似乎有着一定的逻辑关联。--第二段分析原因
Also, there is a logical link between water shortage and over-industrialization.
31. 最后,改变给一个人提供了一个更好的机会去体验一种新生活。--第二段分析原因
Ultimately, change offers one a better chance to experience a new life.
32. 首先,在大公司工作能培养雇员的各种技能。--第二段分析原因
On the top of the list, working in big companies can cultivate employees’ a variety of skills.
33. 此外,文化交流是文化多元化的先决因素之一。--第二段分析原因
Another point to be mentioned is that cultural exchange is one of prerequisites of cultural diversity.
34. 最后,与他人合作能极大提高效率。--第二段分析原因
Last but not least, cooperating with others can enhance efficiency substantially.
The most obvious reason for this phenomenon is that over-industrialization seems to be an unavoidable trend.
There are probably many reasons contributing to this phenomenon.
When it comes to computers, people hold divergent views.
With urbanization come both opportunities and challenges.
39. 可以毫不夸张地说:每件事儿的存在都有它的道理。--第二段分析原因
It is no exaggeration to say that everything happens for a reason.
All in all, I believe that the demerits of international tourism outweigh the merits.
Therefore, the view does not hold water.
Thus, I tend to believe that children should be encouraged to learn to cooperate with others.
It can be predicted that the problem will be addressed sooner or later.
It can be said that there is no way to happiness, for happiness is the way in itself.
As has been mentioned before, my own view is that the Internet will not replace paper media.
As a scientist said, technology knows no bound.
It might be said that future is unpredictable.
Given the seriousness of this risk, we have no alternative but to think up some practical solutions to resolve it.
To conclude, the advantages of urbanization far outweigh its disadvantages. Thus, it should be supported and advocated to the full.
Nothing is further from the truth than this opinion.
There is an element of truth in both opinions.
Another consideration in this case is that an excellent education should place equal focus on both theories and knowledge.
I am fully convinced that happiness depends on many different factors.
Thus, what we should do today is to stop showing off.
To tackle this problem, we should adopt feasible solutions.
To summarize, I take the side with the latter.
Taking all factors into account, we can draw a conclusion that the former carries more weight.
58. 一谈到电视,许多人认为其是祸而非福。--第三段表明观点
Speaking of TV, many people think it is a curse rather than a blessing.
59. 简而言之,人们对于成功的定义不同。--第三段表明观点
Simply put, people have different definitions on success.
60. 综上所述,我们可以清楚地看出:旅行将会对大学生产生深远的影响。--第三段表明观点
We can see clearly that traveling will exert a far-reaching impact on university students.
61. 很明显:礼物对于新年的重要性再怎么强调也不为过。--第三段表明观点
Crystal-clear is that gifts’ importance to the new year can never be emphasized too much.
62. 综上所述,照我看来:没有人能逆时代而行。--第三段表明观点
From what has been mentioned previously, as far as I am concerned, nobody can go against the epoch he/she lives in.
Culture often varies from country to country, from people to people and from context to context.
Overall, the significance of education can never be stressed out too much.
It cannot be denied that museums can play an educational role for the simple reason that they provide the public with a good opportunity to study their countries’ history and tradition.
Nothing receives more praise and abuse than the Internet.
There is no doubt that the relationship between family members is not as close as it used to be.
The reason why advertisements are so prevailing is that they are informative.
So prevailing is the Internet that nobody can avoid being influenced by it.
It is conceivable that university students’ taking part-time jobs can cultivate their independence and teamwork spirit.
The present educational patterns leave much to be desired.
The cultural diversity is to human civilization what air is to the earth.
No one can deny the fact that we have entered a brand new era of global information.
To be sure, the topic concerning education can always attract our eyes.
Never does the environmental preservation fail to fascinate us in modern society.
As we all know, the main function of a university is to cultivate one’s all-around development.
It is no overstatement to say that learning to cooperate with others is the key factor in one’s career.
The mobile phone is a good case in point.
As is widely-accepted, diversity of species is the greatest charm of the Earth.
The ever-accelerated updating of frequent commercial communications has brought about both chances and challenges.
It is through cooperation that people can enjoy a better life today.
Media are indispensable to us in this ever-developing society.
It is well-known that competition and cooperation is a hot topic in modern society.
I am fully convinced that cultural diversity brings about more benefits.
Those children who study abroad will be blessed with an opportunity to experience a totally different culture.
Through the Internet, students can acquire a great deal of knowledge which/that is useful and thought-provoking.
The Internet is a tool which/that can expand children’s horizon of knowledge.
Those children whom parents encourage to take part-time jobs will possess more confidence.
The first advantage I want to present is that E-business will enhance the economic development.
The eye-dazzling development of technology makes it possible for people to enjoy a better life.
It is no overstatement to say that Internet has revolutionized the way we live, work, study and play.
To be exact, we can never do without advertisements.
To be clear, the role of teachers and schools cannot be replaced.
94. 从教育学的角度而言,大学生在上学期间做兼职工作将会浪费许多宝贵的时间。--二三段均可用
Educationally speaking, taking part-time jobs during the schooling may waste university students’ precious studying time.
95. 自己学习,学生可以培养克服困难的勇气和独立思考的能力。--二三段均可用
Studying alone, students can cultivate their courage to overcome difficulties and the ability to think independently.
96. 我们现在已经进入一个信息爆炸的时代,每天我们都得面对各种各样的广告。--二三段均可用
Having entered an information-explosion epoch, we are exposed to various advertisements per day.
97. 与纸媒相比,互联网具有许多明显的好处比如说高速,高效,易于操作等等。--二三段均可用
Compared with paper media, the Internet enjoys many obvious advantages such as high speed, great efficiency, easy accessibility, to name just a few.
98. 和远程教育相比,老师和学生之间会有一种面对面的交流因此会更加的生动,互动,有效。--二三段均可用
Compared with distant learning, there is a face-to-face communication between teachers and students, so it is more vivid, interactive and efficient.
It is first step that costs the most.
100. 在过去,人们坚信:滚动的石头不生苔,常换工作不发财。--二三段均可用
In the past, people did believe that a rolling stone gathers no moss.